And mine….

is a day I have dreaded my whole life.  I
never thought it would come this soon.

want to start by saying that no matter what I say this morning, I will never do
justice to the type of person Dad was to us.
However, I can’t imagine not honoring him by sharing a little bit about his

this whole week I keep going back to thinking about how sad it is that the
grandchildren will never know what they are missing.  They will never know how much their Pappy
truly loved them and will never get to experience the great man he was.  

How will we ever be able to describe Dad to
Patrick, Bea and all future grandchildren?  

would start by explaining his Character.

defined Character as who you are and who you become.  

is who your Pappy was and who he became.
These things defined your Pappy’s character.

Pappy loved Scooties

mom was my dad’s everything.  In every
one of our wedding speeches Dad’s only piece of advice to us was to be just
like our mom.  He said “she is the
foundation of our family and always puts herself second to all of us.  She is my best friend and the love of my

loved her to his core.  They were the
perfect ying and yang and have been for the last 38 years. The way he treated
by mom set the expectation of how a man should cherish his wife.  Their loving relationship showed us girls exactly
what we deserved in our own.

Pappy was the hardest working man.  

knows that Dad would work 6 days a week waking up at 4:30am to be at Baxter by
5am.  He cared so deeply for those he
worked with and always did his best to provide us the life he wanted us to
have.  He instilled that drive in all 3
of us girls.  

taught us to Lean In and to make our own success.  We were empowered to be independent women and
earn a seat at the table.  He gave us the
confidence that we needed to find our own voice in our careers.    

Pappy was fun.  

of my dad’s favorite people texted me saying “I refuse to say that Bob is in a
better place, because he makes every single place better by just being
there.”  He did just that.  Every single person who knew him would say
they felt comfortable around my dad and when talking to you he made you feel
like you were the most important person in the room.  

Again, being the Ying to Scooties Yang, Dad
wasn’t exactly a night owl so when they would head anywhere he was always The 5
minute firework.  He came into a room,
had a blast, and then left leaving people still wanting him around.  

This is also known as an Irish goodbye and
something the 3 of us girls have perfected.

Pappy was so proud of his family.  

was so proud of all of us.  We were his
pride and joy.  His happiest day of the
week was Sunday night dinner when my parents had us over and his happiest week
of the year was our family trips to Longboat Key.  He cherished family above all else and loved
his Kelly girls.  

He also was so proud of
us for choosing our boys.  They are loving,
strong, intelligent, and kind.  Each one
of us saw a part of Pappy’s character in them and I know he would agree.

you are and who you become.  

Who my Dad
was, was a family man.  A man who set an
incredible example to us all that family should always come first.  

it will continue to.


will work to become the type of people you would be proud of.  Women with a good conscious, women with
unrelenting courage, and women with strong character.

are all better people for having known you, Dad, and we will all continue to #BEAstrong.

Carolyn, and I would have rather had you for a short 30 years than anyone else
for a hundred.  

We love you.



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