over $30,000 raised

I am so beyond proud and thrilled to tell you all that we have raised over $30,000 for the research of biliary atresia at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital!  

Our initial goal was $10,000 for a microscope and thanks to you we’ve gone way above and beyond.

My Dad was always the biggest fan of watching the thermometer tick up.  When we talked each morning he would go through every single person who had made a donation the previous day and would ask me how we knew them.  We really talked about and thought about each one of you and how generous your contributions were.  

It was only fitting that through donations made in my dad’s name, he helped raise enough money to purchase a second microscope for the lab.  He would be so thrilled.

SO – THANK YOU.  We are officially shutting down our fundraising page at the end of August (until next year) so if you want to make any last minute $7 donations, here is the link:


I will post pictures once the new microscopes come in.   The lab told us that they will dedicate one microscope to Bea and one to my Dad.  Maybe a sticker or something with the #BEAstrong logo and one with the 3C’s logo.  Stayed tuned.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂



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