the dash.

Happy Wednesday 🙂

I hope you all are having a great week. We are keeping quite busy over here at the BEAhive getting ready for baby #2 and to be honest, it’s been a great distraction.  

I’ve been missing Dad so much over the last several weeks (hard to believe it’s been over a month) but have started to adjust to a new routine.  Since I called my Dad every morning when I got into the car for work and chatted with him through my coffee order at Starbucks and up the elevator until I was finally at my desk – I’ve completely switched up my route.  When I get into the car, I read the back of his prayer card aloud and go to a different coffee place and a different path to work.  

Every day is a struggle but I still talk to him the whole way.  Although the conversation is one-sided – I kind of realized it has mostly been me talking this whole time anyway 🙂

Anyway – I wanted to share with you all something that hit me hard over the last month.

My mom read this poem at my dad’s burial.  I read it often as it is a great reminder of what is important and this poem serves as inspiration on how to be better and live each day with purpose, meaning, and love.

Dad lived each day with a never-wavering faith, hard work, and never got off of the phone without saying “I love you”.  

His dash certainly was short.  But the impact he made on us will last a lifetime.

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