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This week has flown by and I am just now realizing this is the first time I am posting this week.  Remember a few posts ago when I said I would be pretty inconsistent for awhile depending on how I’m feeling – well – I had a pretty hard Monday so I think I just was more focused on getting through each day and the blog took a back seat.

Mondays are always tough for me when it comes to losing my Dad.  He would start my week off on the right foot with our daily phone call on my way to work.  We would recap Sunday night dinner, he would talk through my coffee order “can you get me a skinny minny mucho gucho latte fratte” – Dad joke at it’s finest – and we would get off of the phone once I was sitting at my desk with our goodbye of  “We are one week closer to family vacation.  Love you too”.   

Monday’s are also hard because that’s the morning I found out about my Dad and I was at work.

ANYWAY –  I also realized that I haven’t done an update on Noodle’s health in awhile.  I must say that Bea’s numbers and labs took up the majority of my worry and was constantly at the forefront of my mind.  I am happy to report that I feel like there are days I don’t even think about it – that’s how well she is doing. (KNOCK ON WOOD 🙂 ) . 

We still get labs to see how things are going.  If she is running a high fever or is acting weird or has a rash – we get labs to figure out what’s going on and how her liver is looking.  When we haven’t had labs in awhile, we still go in and depending on results, decide how much longer until next lab draw.

Jordan took her in Monday for labs and we just got the results.  Everything looked fabulous.  Her liver looked happy.  Although EBV is still present, it is lower than it was in July so we are hoping that number continues moving in that direction.

One of Bea’s doctors told me once – the best way to gauge her health?  Look at her.  Listen to her.  Watch her.

I’ve been doing ALL of those things and couldn’t be prouder of our fighter.

I have to say that losing my Dad is a tragedy I wouldn’t want anyone else to ever experience.  BUT.  I can’t explain how good to makes me feel knowing Bea has her Pappy up there helping her along the way.

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