weekly wears

Just a couple highlights from the last couple of weeks!

[Jordan and I are talking about some potential major renos at our house over the next couple of years so I am constantly keeping my eyes peeled for some good and FUNCTIONAL ideas.  See below that was posted from Neat Method, one of my FAVORITE companies for tips on home organization.  OH – and one of my sorority sisters started it 🙂 ] 


[Learning to feed herself]


[So, as you might know, Bea started at this little in-home daycare a couple of days a week.  We decided it would be good for socialization, help with speech development, and just fun for her to start playing with some of her friends. On the days she is there – 3 of my friends (who have been friends for a gazillion years) have their daughters there too.  It is SO funny watching them interact, especially since our parents have pictures of us playing around the same ages.  But what I really want you to know about is the app the daycare lady, Emily, uses.  It is called Brightwheel and she puts pictures in it throughout the day and tracks things like what Bea ate for breakfast, lunch and snack, when she napped, for how long, etc.  It is a fun way for me to check in throughout the day without bothering her with texts.]


[A little tub time for my bestie]


[And last week we got Bea’s new bedding and the valances for her new room!  It looks SO cute in there and although we spend a ton of time playing – she hasn’t slept in her bed yet.  Later this week I think I am going to work on getting her to nap in her bed and take it from there.  We have about 4 weeks to get her out of her nursery so we will see!]

[Details of the room:  still need to call the fabric place to get details on the fabric.  Will keep you posted!

*Bed:  Land of Nod Jenny Lind.  Find it HERE.

*Bed rail:  Land of Nod.  Find it HERE.

*Big dresser:  Land of Nod.  Find it HERE.

*Bookcase:  Land of Nod.  Find it HERE.

*Tall skinny dresser:  Legacy’s

*I had the duvet cover, pillow and valances made out of fabric I found at Calico Corners.  Bedskirt is still coming as are a couple additional pillows for the bench/radiator cover that isn’t pictured 🙂  Here are the fabrics…..

Calvin Petal

Baxter Petal

Brayden Petal

I am realizing that the pictures online of the fabric look nothing like how they do in person.  I will snap some more pics this week and do a full blog post about her room so you can see better.  We used the Calvin for the valances, pillow and the top side of the duvet cover, the Baxter for the trim of the valances, ruffle of the pillow, opposite side of the duvet cover, and the bedskirt that we are working on, and the Brayden for bench pillows (not here yet either).  


[I MEAN – how cute are these shoes?  Find them HERE.]


[And we had the best time playing outside this week.  Just a little tiny reminder of how fast they grow!]


[And our temporary power situation was fixed!  THANK GOODNESS!]


[Picked up some cute little things at Gap…

BOO sweater HERE

Cat shoes HERE]


[Another Gap favorite HERE


[There is NOTHING better than coming home from a night out to a clean house. Am I right?!]


[And some beautiful flowers to brighten up the kitchen :)]


[Over the weekend we went to the Bluegrass for Babies event by the Art Museum and Bea’s favorite part (of course) was the Cincinnati Children’s booth because they had bubbles!]




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