weekly wears

Enjoying the last couple weeks with just the Noodle  🙂

Tub time has been her new favorite time….

[And we finally transitioned Bea into her new bed.  The first couple days I just had her nap in there and it went okay. She was obviously tired (see yawning below) but she didn’t sleep more than 45 minutes.  She has now slept in there 2 nights in a row and is doing great.  I still can’t believe she is old enough to be sleeping in a real bed.  AH.]

[This picture popped up on Facebook as a memory from 3 years ago.  Such a great day with some of my favorite people.]

[And we are wrapping up our canvas project.  Everyone that was at the LIVERversary dinner went home with a canvas to decorate with their own interpretation of the BEAstrong logo.  I made one specifically for my dad out of his prayer card and funeral program.  I will show final canvases this week!]

[Just looking so old.]

[And we had the best weekend together as a family.  Although I had a pretty hard Saturday because of missing Dad, Jordan helped lift my spirits in a major way….

A Sunday visit to our favorite place – Maplewood before heading to the Hyde Park Art Show.]

[And then he came home with this.  A giant frame with our hospital gowns sewn to the inside.  LOVE love LOVE this for our home – we are thinking this will go in Bea’s room 🙂 ] 

Have a great week 🙂


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