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Happy Tuesday 🙂  Still barely keeping my head above water over here but getting into a good groove with Miss Poppy.  Bea had about a million doc appointments this week so I was happy to get through those.  Here are some deets about that…

Lab Draw – looking at her numbers.  Liver looks happy but we have to increase her immunosuppressants since they are too low right now.  When they are too low it opens her body up for potential rejection so it’s not something we want to mess with!  She goes again tonight to see if the medication change helped.

Pediatrician.  We went to see the Pediatrician because Bea has had a diaper rash since like June.  She saw her liver doc (Dr Campbell) and even saw someone from Infectious Disease about it.  No one could get rid of it.  So we went to the Pediatrician to get her thoughts.  I had already scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist so she just said it looked like diaper rash but to see what the Derm said.

Dermatologist.  Dermatologist was SO nice and said she thinks it’s just diaper rash and really the only way to get rid of it is to get her out of diapers.  Yikes.  I don’t even know where to begin about that.

Allergist.  I also scheduled an appointment with the allergist to see if her rash was food related.  He didn’t think it was but had her re-tested for egg and had her tested for tree nut allergies.  She still has an intolerance for egg (not any worse though) and she is NOT allergic to tree nuts.  Yay.

Dentist.  Bea went and saw the dentist 6 months ago because when her teeth came in they were tinted greenish yellow.  Yes, greenish yellow.  I was obviously alarmed so went to see a dentist and he explained that when you are jaundice for a long period of time and VERY jaundice, it can stain the teeth below the gums.  When they pop through, they are discolored.  There is no fix but the teeth are HEALTHY – it’s purely cosmetic.  There is no way to know if the adult teeth are affected so we will see.  If they are – there are options like caps, veneers, etc.

AH – I am exhausted even writing all of that.  Obviously, it was a long week but thankful we don’t have any appointments schedule any time soon.

Here are some HAPPY highlights from out week!

[Snapchat filters are the best]

[Waiting patiently for the pediatrician] 

[I had some extra fabric from the bedding we had made for Bea’s room so, naturally, I had her doll bed outfitted as well 🙂 ] 

[Matching beds and bedding]

[We have successfully transitioned Bea into her new bed.  We had about a month under our belt without any issues until we heard a banging on her bedroom door. “MAMA” “DADA”….

[I am well on my way to losing the baby weight but I can’t WAIT to get the clearance to start working out.  I debated trying my jeans on with the fear they wouldn’t fit and I’d be depressed.  They didn’t really fit – they are SO tight – but I was happy I could at least get them buttoned and zipped.  #smallvictories. ] 

[One of my friends organized a dinner at this amazing place called The Wheel.  Food was delish and the company was even better.]

[This baby only sleeps on her tummy. And preferably on my chest which is making nights very interesting and nerve-racking.]

[And our little lady got her hair cut for the first time.  She doesn’t have much hair but it was getting SO long on the sides.  We took her to the place I went when I was little and I can’t lie – it was a little emotional!  She looked so grown up afterwards!]

[And we had a birthday to celebrate over the weekend.  How sweet is this picture of Bea and her Gramps?!]

Hope you have a great week!



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