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Happy Monday 🙂 I hope you all had a fab weekend.  Mine was one of the happiest in awhile – my best friend got engaged!  And to such an incredible person and friend.  My heart is just so full beyond words.  Since this has totally put me in the wedding spirit, I will be doing a wedding post soon of thoughtful wedding gift ideas for someone newly engaged or just married!  Stay tuned 😉

So, I wanted to do a quick post about Life Center.  Have you heard of them?  They are a non profit that is dedicated to spreading awareness about how important organ donation is.  

One of their major events is their annual Calendar Breakfast where they reveal their upcoming calendar that highlights 12 families affected by organ donation.

This year – they asked Bea to be a part of it!  Such an honor for her and so so exciting!

Jordan & I attended the breakfast last year and were so moved by listening to the stories – especially now that organ donation is so near and dear to our hearts.

Since Miss Bea was going to be a calendar girl this year, Jordan and I were one of the small sponsors of the event and were able to invite some VERY important people to the breakfast including Bea’s liver doctor and the doctor that has the lab we donate money towards.   

It was a special morning!  AND they asked me to give a speech about our experience.  I was so honored they asked me but also nervous because there were over 500 people in attendance!  It is so crazy how life ends up.  I’ve had a special connection with Life Center long before Bea’s transplant.  If you’re bored and want to hear more, it is below 🙂

ALSO – if you aren’t registered to be an organ donor and would like to.  Click HERE.  🙂 



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