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Happy day before Thanksgiving!  Here is a highlight from our week (and it was a crazy one…see below).

[Miss Poppy looks so much like BEA!]

[I love the lady who watches Bea on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  She aways plays dress up with her and Bea is OBSESSED with these glasses.  Like won’t take-them off of her face and they are obviously too small.  A great fit for Happy 🙂 ] 

[How amazing is this stationary by whodrew?  LOVE it!]

[A couple pics from the best night ever.  Truly.  Still on cloud 9 for 2 of my favorite people.]

[So – a VERY good family friend gave Poppy this sweet Bear and his name is Bobby the Bear.  That is my Dad’s name so obviously made me love the Bear even more – so much so – that I started sleeping with it.  And now it is Bea’s favorite.  It’s surely making it’s rounds 🙂 ] 

[I think we are turning a corner!]

[And my grandpa’s award makes it official…. 🙂 ] 

[Okay – I stand by the fact that KortneeKate is one of THE BEST photographers in Cincinnati.  They did our wedding, our maternity, the day before our liver transplant pics, our Christmas card, our summer pics and now our Christmas card again.  They are SO talented and have such a knack for making you feel comfortable even when the wheels are majoring falling off.  Bea and Poppy were hard to manage during these pics but THANK GOODNESS the KortneeKate photography team is so patient and kind.  Can’t wait to see the final result!]

[Okay – brace yourselves.  So when we got home from pictures, I gave Bea some lunch.  Nothing out of the ordinary but I gave her a diff kind of hummus (not the kind that was recalled).  Within minutes of eating her turkey and cheese roll ups she started getting red splotches on her face and her lips started swelling like crazy!  I called Jordan and he rushed home while I had the EpiPen on stand by.  He talked to the allergist on his way and they suggested Benadryl first and luckily it worked.

I talked to the allergist later and read the ingredients of the hummus.  They are thinking she has a seed allergy (sunflower seeds were one of the main ingredients) but we will know more once we take her back for testing.


PS – how good do her lips look though 🙂 ]  

[Poppy sleeping in her carseat in her crib.  You gotta do what you gotta do.]



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