weekly wears

[Looking so much like Bea!]

[The most special place setting at Thanksgiving dinner.]

[Thankful for nap time…..]

[Oh my gosh you guys.  Whoever lives in Cincinnati needs to go to Coney Island light show.  You put your kids in the car and drive through this incredible maze of lights all synchronized to music on a radio station.  Poppy slept the whole time (which was perfect) and Bea LOVED IT!  Like tons of excitement – especially when they played “let it go”.  Of course.  Go check it out! More info HERE!.]

[I wasn’t going to decorate for Christmas this year- wasn’t exactly in the mood – but changed my mind 🙂  This JOY sign is the best and a great daily reminder]

[Only way she would go to sleep….]


[Over the weekend we showered one of our besties who is due with her first.  SO SO SO excited for them :)]

[And Bea with one of her besties playing around during the shower :)]



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