So, if you’ve followed along with my blog over the last 5ish years you know it has been a full blown evolution.  I started out as a newly engaged 25 year old talking about fashion, statement jewelry, and planning a wedding.  I took a lot of selfies and highlighted where all of my outfits came from and shopped.  A lot.

Not a ton has changed in the shopping department (just more Lulu Lemon and less night-on-the-town outfits) but a lot has changed in my life.  I got married, we moved into the home we live in now, we had a baby, she had a liver transplant, I donated, she is recovering, my dad suddenly died, we had another baby and our house flooded.  Most of which happened in less than 2 years.

The newest issue happened Saturday night.  We came home from a date night to a finished basement 12 inches under water.

As I watched Bea’s play kitchen float past me while I looked down from the steps I had an overwhelming feeling of “why me….again?!”

 Everything is ruined.  All of the off-season clothing I store in the basement, all of Bea’s toys, our sofa, rug, pack n play, daybed, shoes, crockpot, extra kitchen stools….everything.

Why do things like this keep happening to me?  Why can’t I literally catch a break and WHAT has distracted my Dad so much up there that he forget to tell Mother Nature to chill?!  

Seriously though.

SO here is what happened.  We saw the basement was flooded at 11pm on Saturday night so we called an emergency flood repair company and they came, said it was from the city’s pipes and to call them.  We did, they came and said it was our pipes (which means they don’t pay for anything).  We call the emergency floor repair company again and they come out at 11am (water has been sitting since at least 10:30pm the previous night) and finally around 2:30pm on Sunday they clean our pipes and clear the water out.

They left last night around 8pm after taking out the walls, EVERYTHING from the basement and start the disinfectant stage before drying.

All of my stuff is outside in my back yard for me to sort through before pitching. It is all drenched in sewer water and it is frozen because it’s been sitting outside.

In the meantime, our heat it out and so is our hot water.  Our HVAC guy came and booted back up the heat but we are still at a loss for any hot water.  

SO – my point in explaining all of this is that I found myself outside, in the dark, with a flashlight, in 20 degree temps going through sewer-drenched items that were in my basement.  What would I try and salvage?  How?  Would it be safe? What about all of Bea’s toys?  And these expensive clothes?!

I went to church Sunday night, alone, to clear my head and talk to Dad.  And then it totally hit me – OF COURSE none of this stuff really matters.  It really doesn’t.  Not one thing.  And I don’t need it.  I like to have it, of course, but I don’t NEED it.

I’ve been wanting to come up with a new mantra for 2017 and I think I finally figured out what it’s going to be.  Live a Little Lighter.  I don’t need stuff.  I need family.  I need friends.  I need health for both.  I need my faith and my conscience, character, and I need my courage.  And that’s it.

So, I can’t even believe I’m going to say this but after having these thoughts at church last night and then coming home to all of my stuff on the lawn – I felt fine about it.  Yes, I will go through and salvage what I can but I will be more selective than I would otherwise.  I don’t need all of this stuff and this was the perfect way to trim the fat and start living lighter.

Living with less “stuff” makes me feel lighter.  

Talking about my Dad makes me feel lighter.  

Being with the people I truly care about makes me feel lighter.

Thinking positively makes me feel lighter.

And an empty basement may just make me feel a little lighter.  


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