Bea is two.

And I can’t believe it!

Today, two years ago, our lives changed forever and it has been a roller coaster ever since.  Looking back, it were boring without you.  You came in, shook things up and have us counting our blessings every day since.

You are sassy.  You are funny.  You give loving and deliberate kisses and you are sweet.  You are a great listener and you are cautious. You are obsessed with mermaids, Frozen, and thanks to Uncle Zonkie – you are coming around to Santa.

Last year, you crawled on your first birthday in Longboat Key.  This year, your speech totally took off and you are repeating words left and right.  Your favorite word?  Patrick.

LBK looks good on you, Noodle, which is another reason I know we were meant to be 🙂

We give thanks every day that you are a part of our family and that you fight every day to continue to be.  There is no doubt your health will continue to be steady but there is also no doubt we will face challenges. I am confident that with your positive attitude and bright smile – we will conquer anything in our path – together.  

And with a little help from your guardian angel above, too.  Pappy loved you SO much, Bea.  He cherished his time with you and I know for a fact he misses you desperately.  The good news?  He’s with you always but especially while you lay in bed right before falling asleep.  So, talk to him.  

SO – as you enter your second year and a year and a half post your liver transplant, keep being you.  

That is more than we could ever ask for.  



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