weekly wears


Below are a few highlights from our week 🙂  Crazy as ever.

[Since I started back to work last week, I took but girl’s to Miss Emily’s on Wednesday.  Bea likes Poppy at home but Miss Emily said she wouldn’t stop holding her in front of her other little friends….looks wild haha.]

[We also took Bea to her 2 year check up at the pediatrician and all is great!  She is in a super healthy spot right now and she officially caught up on the growth chart.  If you remember, there was a time when she was sick that she stopped growing.  Scary, right?  Well now Miss Bea is 73% for height and 95% for weight!  Couldn’t be prouder!]

[First day back at work flowers.  Just the best.]

[Poppy has obviously turned a corner.  Thank goodness.]

[A mom’s dream….]

[And we had VERY special visitors this weekend.  One of my very best friends and her husband come to visit each MLK weekend and it is a tradition we REALLY look forward to.  Just a time to hang and catch up amongst the crazy….]

[And we baptized Miss Penelope Kelly over the weekend along side her cousin Grant!]

[My heart may explode….]

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