man’s best friend.

This afternoon we are putting our family dog down.  

We got Toby when I was in high school and working at Mt Lookout Swim Club.  I’ll never forget my parents picking me up from MTLSC, bringing me home and surprising my sisters and me at the house with this teeny tiny cute white fluffy puppy.  

It was the best. My parent’s knew they wanted to get a puppy for us since we had several rescues throughout our childhood but my Dad’s one contingency was that although white, teeny, and fluffy – it had to be a boy.  

He needed an ally in a house full of girls.

And he got one.  Thick as thieves with Dad so it’s only fitting that 6 months after everything, his little white companion is joining him.

It’s comforting to know Dad will have a buddy from our family but also weird that another physical connection to Dad is lost.  As weird as it sounds, I had a similar feeling when we got rid of his car. 

It’s scary to get rid of the physical reminders and have to rely more on your memory.  What if you forget?  That’s the scariest thought of all.

However – Toby lived a long and happy 15 years of life with a family who loved him.  This is best for Toby and –  Dad will be pumped to have him  🙂

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