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Happy Monday 🙂

We are coming off of a great weekend filled with time with friends and our kids!  It still so crazy balancing being back at work and managing everything at home but I have to say that by the time Monday rolls around I am ready to be back at work for a few days.  Just being honest over here!

Here are some highlights…

[So tough being 2…]

[As some of you remember, as a party gift from the LIVERversary dinner – everyone left with a canvas and paint set to create their own interpretation of the BEAstrong logo.  Below are the results 🙂 ] 

[How cute are these mini shep shirts?!]

[And someone had perfect labs!  Like PERFECT.  In all the times we have had to get labs, I’ve never once looked at the numbers and been like  – everything looks great – I hope the doctor agrees!  And she did!  Although EBV is still lingering – it is half of what it was 4 weeks ago.  AND we don’t have to go back for labs for another 6 weeks!  AH!]

[Playing doctor at Miss Emily’s!]

[Jordan, the girls, and I went to Joseph Beth Friday night to pick a couple things out before heading to dinner.  This book was on display and obviously reminded me of our Toby…..]

[For those of you wondering if we still have a dog 🙂 He just got a bed upgrade….]

[Got to spend Saturday night with one of my oldest and best friends.  So nice having a low key eve with those you love most!]

[Bea at 3 months and Poppy at 3 months….skin color difference is crazy!]



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