need a babysitter?

To all my mom readers out there – our prayers have been answered!  

How many of you out there are forever stressed out that your babysitter bench isn’t deep enough?!

I have run into numerous occasions where I just panic because I can’t find anyone to watch the girls.

Thank goodness for Safersit!

SaferSit is the best place to book a babysitter because the girls are pre-screened for you with already established rates!  All you have to do is go to , type in your specifics  on when you need someone and SaferSit will match you with the perfect babysitter.

It’s that easy 🙂

We’ve used it multiple times and have LOVED the girls that come to watch Bea and Poppy.  Below is a pic of our fave – Francie – who is a co-founder of SaferSit.

Give it a try!



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