the girls


I feel like I haven’t done an update on my ladies recently!  So, I have a 26 month old and a 4.5 month old.  Crazy.

Let’s start with Miss Poppy.  Poppy has been a little bit of a challenge.  Am I not able to have an easy baby?!  She has horrible acid reflux so she splits up constantly (I’m talking projectile) and would constantly cry until recently.  Other than that, she is a lover.  Looks just like Bea when she was a babe except with bright blue eyes.  Ah.  So cute.  She is rolling over, loving her jumping seat in the doorway, and with her meds – she is a new babe 🙂

Bea is doing really well!  We went in last week for labs and Miss Beazer just sat there and didn’t even cry 🙂  Labs looked fabulous – liver is happier than ever and EBV is the LOWEST it’s ever been.  Like WHAT?!  Couldn’t even believe it!

Both girls have been battling colds recently but here are some pics as of late!

[Not all days are full of smiles…]


And me?!  Just feeling good that both of my girls are back to feeling good 🙂


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