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What do you guys think of the new layout?!  I have had my website on Tumblr for 6 years and over the last 3 years I have been wanting to switch over to WordPress.  MUCH more flexible platform, better opportunity to grow, and an overall better user experience.

I hope 🙂

I made the transfer over myself.  And I am so proud of that!  I work at a digital agency and have the best of the best at my fingertips but I did this all myself!  I transferred over 1,000 posts from my old website, updated the pages, the look, and since hosting is free with Tumblr, figured out how to set up my own hosting and Google Analytics.  Ah.  I feel so accomplished!

SO – if you haven’t already, click the subscribe button on the right hand side so you can get my posts in your email inbox.  It’ll be so much easier than having to remember to check back 🙂

There is also a better way to engage so if you’re up for it, leave comments on my posts or reach out to me via email [ ] or through social media!

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