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I feel like I am living in the thick of all things baby.  A lot of my friends have kids, some friends are pregnant with their first or second or third, I have 2, and I’m hosting a couple of baby showers this summer, etc.

I love it.

One of the showers I am co-hosting is for my cousin, Ashley.  I think I highlighted the bridal luncheon we had for her a few years ago but having her baby shower has me a whole new level of excited.

{Side note: she also has an incredible blog you have to check out.  Find it HERE.}

That’s why I was SO beyond excited when she asked my advice on her registry.  I can honestly say that if she would have asked me last year, everything with Bea would have been a blur and right now, I am finally experiencing having a baby the way most moms do.


So, I’m sure the list I sent to her was overkill but I wanted to share with you guys some of the ideas I had and things I could NOT live without.

Chekoh baby wrap.  These body wraps looked so intimidating to me my first go around but I have to say they are a MUST with your second.  Baby wearing is the only way to multitask with two kids.  People also love the Solly Wrap and they have the best tutorial videos on how to maneuver these things!


Mamas & Papas seat. A lot of people register for the Bumbo seat but I love the M&P much better because it comes with a colored insert that can be removed as your child grows.  It also comes with a tray where you can feed the baby, put toys with suction cups, etc.  It’s a must have.


Phil&Teds lobster chair.  As your babe grows out of the M&P seat, this is the next best thing – especially if you have an island in your kitchen.  It is VERY sturdy and Bea loved this until she moved to the high chair!


Innobaby stackable.  After 4 weeks, both of my girls moved to formula which means I always have to be prepared when I am out and about with Poppy.  These stackable formula storage pods are perfect for when you are on the move.  You put in each section however many scoops you need/bottle and they detach so you can easily shake them into the bottle.


Totesavvy.  When Bea was born I carried a separate diaper bag.  When Poppy was born, I hated the idea of just carrying that around so I started looking around for a solution where I could use my every day bag but more efficiently.  Enter this bag insert.  It is genius.  You just put it right inside and it automatically converts your nice purse into a non-recognizable diaper bag.


Milk Snob. Our nanny gave us this gift when we had Poppy and it is, without a doubt, the thing I get asked about most.  It is a cover for your carseat to keep your baby protected from germs, cold weather and too much sun.  You can also use it as a nursing wrap, highchair cover, and grocery cart seat cover as well.  It is stretchy and washes really really well.  Super easy to put on and take off.  Jordan misplaced it when taking both girls to Childrens for doc appointments the other day and looked so defeated when he told me he lost it (because he knows how much I love this thing!)  Luckily, I had another at my doorstep just a couple of days later 🙂

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Any questions or additional advice – leave a comment!



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