look good, feel good update


SO – thank you SO MUCH for reaching out to offer to help with my newest idea!  I have received so much love and support so THANK YOU!  Please please please hang in there with me while I work out a few kinks.

Here are some things that have happened…

  1.  The incredible woman who created the #BEAstrong logo has done it again!  She made a gorgeous logo for our cause and I don’t think I have loved anything more.   There is SO much meaning behind each little detail.  I can’t wait to tell you more about it next week! Here it is!



2.  I secured a domain and am working on building out my website & Facebook page.  Again, more updates on that next week!

3.  I am working on a way to have the gowns made for free.  This is where I need feedback and help!  Right now, I am paying $10/gown to be made and I would LOVE if the only cost we had was fabric.  Does anyone know someone who can sew and is interested in teaming up with a cause like ours?  A church group of ladies?  Right now, we are making 3 gowns/child and I would love to have 3 gowns made/week.  If you know of ANYONE who is interested in helping us with this – please please PLEASE reach out: hillary@make-statements.com

4.  Figuring out a way to have people like YOU participate!  I’m thinking that I could send emails back to people that are interested in participating with links to fabric and how much yardage we need/child.  The thing we really need to figure out first is HOW these gowns are going to be made.

5.  We officially donated our first set of #lookGfeelG gowns to a patient at Cincinnati Children’s.  See below!  The gowns turned out amazing (they tie in the back but also have velcro at the shoulders) and we included a “puppy print” because our patient loves her dog 🙂  Hoping these gowns brightened her (and her parents) day!  I will send follow up pictures if I receive them.

6.  If you know anyone at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital that seems like they will be there for about a month or longer, please let me know (hillary@make-statements.com).  Because of HIPPA it is almost impossible for doctors or hospitals to put us in touch with families who might be a great fit so if you know of anyone and they would like to be a part of our Look Good, Feel Good initiative, let me know.  Preferably children staying at Cincinnati Childrens and once we get bigger, we will expand to more hospitals!




4 thoughts on “look good, feel good update

  1. These are so amazing!! Love it! Will you be doing these for boys too? I know it would probably target younger boys more so than the pre-teens/teens, but just wanted to see as I may have a family who would largely benefit from this amazing cause!!

  2. Hillary- You continue to amaze me!! I’m blown away by your talent! We’d like to donate to your cause. How do we go about doing that ? Let us know when you can.
    Love to you and the family,

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