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How amazing is this logo for #lookGfeelG ?!  It’s so beautiful and when creating it, our friend Amanda had THE BEST and most thoughtful meaning behind it.

SO, I first met Amanda when she so kindly teamed up with Amy at The Spotted Goose to create the logo for #BEAstrong.  Amanda is so talented and made the logo and Amy was extremely thoughtful and creative and made the t-shirts that started our whole fundraising campaign for Cincinnati Children’s.

Well, Amanda did it again and put together not only a logo that compliments the #BEAstrong logo but one with major meaning.  Check out what she thought about when putting it together (I was – and still am) so blown away by her thoughtfulness!

Hearts.  They pop up a lot in my blog and instagram account.  The girls always wear a lot of pink and hearts on their jammies, on their recent Valentine’s Day card, etc.  Also – our mission has a lot of heart behind it 🙂

Placement of hearts.  The hearts that are placed on the left hand side are represenative of a little family club I belong to – The Lefties Breakfast Club.  My younger sister, Dad and I are all lefties and this little group was one we talked about often.

Pink & Green.  These colors are used in Bea’s logo and are inspired by our experiences with her.  Amanda wanted to tie the two logos together in the event that we ever used them in the same space – they look like they belong together.

Kelly Green.  My maiden name and the girl’s middle name:  Kelly.

Three hearts.  These three hearts are a nod to Dad’s 3 C’s:  Conscience, Courage, and Character.  These 3 C’s played a big role in who Dad taught us to be and are great drivers and reminders to try and do good things for others who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

AH!  I just love it!  And I want to say THANK YOU, again, for those who reached out with some phenomenal ideas on sewing gowns!  I will give an update later this week on how things are going but if you sew or know someone (or a group) who does and would love to help us – please email me at hillary@make-statements.com





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