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Happy Monday 🙂

I hope you all had a great week!  We had some doc appts and lab draws for Miss Bea (more on that later this week) but had the most incredible overnight in Louisville!  Jordan’s birthday is tomorrow so for his little celebration I booked a room at 21C in Louisville and made a dinner reservation at 610 Magnolia.    It was so fun and dinner was beyond amazing.  Chef Edward Lee was even there and we chatted with him for a bit about potentially opening a spot in Cincinnati 🙂  Just a memorable night and fun to be together and recharge.



[A picture of Miss Bea’s old liver right after they took it out.  We obviously let them keep it for research but glad we have a photo of how bad it got.]


[Poppy hit the 6 month mark last week and is the happiest she has ever been.  Smiling a ton, sleeping well and the girls are starting to play together too.  It’s the best!]


[We started out having lunch at Proof.]


[And because of Thunder in Louisville (apparently we chose to go to Louisville the same night as the largest firework show in the country) – most places were shut down.  We did get to pop into another one of our fave spots – Please & Thank you for their famous choc chip cookies.]





[I am so jazzed about this skirt I found on our trip! We were just walking around and noticing that a lot of spots were closed when this poppy skirt was in the window of a vintage store.  It fit perfectly and was mine for only $29.99! ]


[And back home with our babes….]





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