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If you have following my blog for awhile you know that THE BEST summer I’ve ever had was 2007 when I begged my way into an internship at Vineyard Vines in Stanford, CT.  Before that, I met a couple of guys from Vineyard Vines when they stopped in their whale wrapped van at Miami University to help spread the word about the “good life” and I became their very first whale rep.  I loved their brand (I had been introduced to it while working at Khakis in Cincinnati) and throughout the rest of my college experience they sent me a few things to wear around campus and fun promotional items to hand out at Greek events.  It was awesome.

So when I got the idea to intern with the clothing company in between my junior and senior year, they told me they’ve never had anyone outside of CT.  I begged, wrote letters, called and finally they said “if you can be here by June 1st, at our office, you can intern for the summer.”

I packed my car, drove up to Fairfield, CT and spent the next two months living in a dorm room at Sacred Heart University.  And I did all of this between my junior and senior year having never been to Connecticut and not knowing a soul.

I showed up at the Vineyard Vines offie on my first day just so scared, lost, excited, and proud to be there.  I literally knew no one and when they introduced me to the other interns there (everyone else was from CT), I immediately knew that a girl named Taylor was going to be my BFF all summer long.

VERY long story short, I become SO close with Taylor and her family and was just obsessed with my time in NYC and CT that summer (thanks to them).  Taking the train into the city, working the Vineyard Vines retail store on Greenwich Ave, and ultimately presenting my merchandising plan for the Fall 2007 line to Shep and Ian – everything about that summer was new, fun, and exciting.

AND I had a new, special, lifelong best friend.

Also that summer I built up a killer collection of Vineyard Vines apparel.  Skirts, skorts, polos, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, shorts, duffle bags, vests, etc.  Although I haven’t worn a lot of it recently, I always loved this bin of clothing that I so closely associated with the best summer of my life.

So when it was all ruined in the flood, I was obviously devastated.  Going through each item and tossing it in the trash just was such a bummer.  I tried to remind myself that “living a little lighter” was a good thing, tossing everything just felt like such a waste.

Cincinnati opened their Vineyard Vines store a couple of years ago and after pitching all of my stuff, I decided to go to the store and purchase something for Bea.  A little Shep shirt.  I walked in and was flooded with good feelings and memories and immediately went home and emailed Shep and Ian telling them about my full circle moment:  being a kid interning with them and now I have a kid I am buying for.

They must have read my blog because they saw about the flood and asked if they could send us a little care package.  10 years later they are still an amazing company.

We received the package a couple of weeks ago and just LOVE it all.  The girl’s matching outfits, the dress and necklace for me, and all of the stuff they sent Jordan – so generous and thoughtful!

SO – if you are in Cincinnati – head to Vineyard Vines at Kenwood Mall (right next to Pottery Barn) and make sure to say hi to Jeannie – the store manager and friend.  If you can’t make it to see the beautiful store – head to their website and load up on some summer fun 🙂




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