baybay puree

How many moms out there attempted to make their own baby food but then quit because it is a TON of work (and who has time for that especially after baby #2?!)?!!?

With Bea, I did that.  I spent days pureeing fruits and veggies, sticking in ice trays, filling the freezer with bags upon bags of baby food only to have spent a TON of time doing it and then losing power and it all being destroyed.

At least I attempted, right?

It’s sad (but true) to say that this never even crossed my mind when Poppy was born.  So much work, so little time. 🙂

That’s when baybay puree saved the day.  baybay puree is fresh, natural, frozen baby food WITHOUT any preservatives or additives.  It comes in cubes to store in your freezer, thaw, and then feed directly to your babe!  You eliminate the guilt you may feel by buying jar baby food but without the work of making the food yourself.

***I also have to mention that I DO use jar baby food as well 🙂  and I don’t feel guilty.  I just feel BETTER when I use baybay because it’s fresh and natural***

baybay puree has a wide variety of flavors and stays inyour fridge for MONTHS without a worry.  You simply take a cube out, thaw in a glass bowl in your fridge and spoon it to your babe.  I even bought some reusable pouches to store these in for on the go 🙂

baybay puree is also a great baby gift idea.  A mom with a baby would love nothing more than pre-made meals for their little ones!

AND it’s owned by a rockstar of a mom!  She has 3 babes so she definitely knows her stuff!  Read her story HERE.

So check it out!!!!  You won’t be disappointed!





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