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Hi!  I hope you all had a great weekend and a fun Mother’s Day for those who celebrated.  And for those missing their mom’s, I was most certainly thinking of you as well.

My weekends was one of the best I’ve had in awhile.  Spent time with Jordan and the girls, with great friends, and family – can’t beat it!

Here is a highlight of our week!

[It has become so fun watching Bea try and play with Poppy.  She loves her and fondly refers to her as “Poppy Sister”.  Every time she wakes up in the morning she’s wondering about “Poppy Sister” and where she is.  And from what I can tell, Poppy thinks Bea is hilarious.  It is the sweetest.]


[We have received SO many fabric donations for Look Good Feel Good and it has been incredible!  I will do a post later this week about where we are in the process and some changes that have been made!]


[A fun night out at Boca with our besties]


[And my sister sent me info on this program where you go to a farm in Cincinnati and pick fresh flowers for $50/season.  It was so fun to just grab a bucket, some scissors, and head out in the warm weather with the girls and Jordan!]


[Bea and her cousin/bestie Patrick]




[And then Saturday night we met up with friends at Hyde Park Country Club for an easy dinner and outdoor play on the golf course :)]


[Find Bea and Brookie’s romper HERE]


[And such a fun Mother’s Day.  It was perfect actually.  We woke up, walked to Awakenings in HP Square, came back to the house and Jordan made brunch, played golf with my sister and then spent the evening at my parent’s house celebrating my younger sister’s birthday and my mom!]



[One of my best friends stopped over with an amazing card and GORGEOUS flowers.  Seriously so kind and thoughtful :)]



[And Jordan got me a card from each of the girls and himself.  Each was so appropriate and so sweet and thoughtful.  This was the front of Bea’s 🙂 ]


[And these girl’s truly have helped me make lemonade out of lemons since they day they were born.  They are my strength and my motivation to keep going.  I am so lucky to be their mom.]






[Find their dresses HERE , my top HERE, and my earrings HERE.]





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