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Wow.  What a week so far.  Since I invited everyone into this craziness I only thought it was fair to give an update.  So here goes…

Wednesday (yesterday): Pulmonary.

Like I mentioned, we met with the Director of Pulmonary to review the CAT scan of Bea’s lungs.  Bea was fabulous for the exam.  You guys, when I say she was good I mean she WANTED to be up on the table and LOVES when doctors feel her belly, look in her ears, and she even sticks out her tongue and says “AHHHH” so they can look down her throat.  It is really really awesome and makes this whole thing easier for me bc she doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

Any who, Dr Amin wasn’t happy about the way her CAT scans looked.  Her right lung looked partially collapsed and both lungs look infected – almost like pneumonia (non contagious) or something.  This very well could be EBV related and if it isn’t treated – it could cause permanent damage.

I, of course, cried during the appointment because how can someone who looks and acts so normal be struggling so much on the inside?  It’s confusing and frustrating and almost unbelievable.

SO – he wants to do a bronchoscopy tomorrow (Friday).  This bronch is something she has to go under anesthesia for because they basically put a scope in through her nose down into her lungs. This test will determine what is causing all of this stuff in her lungs.  If it is EBV related, then we will likely start chemo sooner than later so it doesn’t cause permanent damage.

Obviously not feeling great about the anesthesia but there isn’t any other choice so I’m trying to stay positive.  We will hopefully get a lot more answers back after this test.

Thursday (today):  Ultrasound.

We had the ultrasound today which went great.  She did NOT go under for it but, instead, had to not have anything to eat or drink from 11am until the ultrasound at 3:30pm.

If you have a toddler you understand how hard that was 🙂

She did GREAT.  She was just laying there for an hour while they looked at her liver and veins and everything else they needed to see.  We got the results quickly on this one and everything looks great so far.  Still waiting on confirmation from the liver surgeons but from what I can tell, liver looks good and there doesn’t seem to be any trouble with the veins.  Fingers crossed the this is accurate!  I’ll feel much better after getting a confirmation on this.


Friday: Oncology & Bronch.

SO – tomorrow morning we have a meeting with the Oncologist and then we have the bronch.  The bronch results won’t be in until next week but it’ll be good to meet with oncology to get feedback too.  I just have a feeling it’s all going to depend on the results of this lung test.

Stay tuned and thank you for the prayers.  Today was a good day. Hoping for another one tomorrow.



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  1. She is an amazing little girl but she does come by it honestly…look at her mommy! And her shooshoo(?)!! Prayers are always with you sweetie! 😘❤️❤️❤️

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