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So.much.action the last 2 weeks.  Here is a highlight of the week and an update on the Beazer!

[We had a sister night this week.  Dinner at one of my fave spots – Pleasantry – and then we went to see Sheryl Sandberg talk about Option B.  She has always been someone I have loved and followed throughout her career.  Such a great example for working women and working moms.  Her book Lean In was one of my favorites.  More recently, she suddenly lost her husband.  Navigating that loss for herself and her children inspired her to write her newest book, Option B.  She was amazing and a lot of the things she said really hit home for us. ]


[And these 2 nuggets…]

IMG_9845IMG_9846IMG_9848[So, Jordan took Bea to Cincinnati Children’s for her all day infusion of IVIG.  She did great. We are hoping the IVIG helps boost her immune system enough that it fights off (what we hope is) a virus in her lungs.  She will be scheduled to do these infusions 1/month for the next 4-6 months and we will likely continue doing labs each week.

While you hate to have her spend an entire day in the summer in the hospital – it beats the alternative of chemo.  We are hoping and praying that this is the cure and we don’t have to go down a different route.]




[all ready for the pool!]


[And Saturday was a really hard day.  June 10th is my Dad’s birthday and he would have been 61.  We would go to breakfast in the morning and typically get together for family dinner in the evening.  It was one of those days that was just tough because it was a day you DEFINITELY would be together – celebrating HIM.

And we still did.

Jordan, the girls, and I went to The Echo (where Dad and I would go) for breakfast.  It was perfect.  And then we hung with great friends and it was the perfect fun day and a great distraction.  We had mass in the early evening, in Dad’s honor, and then went to one of his favorite places – Clough Crossings – for dinner.

It was exactly how he would have wanted it.]





[And our Sunday was full of breakfast, Farmer’s Market, pool, and hanging with my besties.]







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