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Hi 🙂

So, I promise to post pics from Aspen this week.  My weeks are flying by and it’s been hard to keep up with everything.  I didn’t take a ton of pics this week but here are a few 🙂


[Miss Poppy – 8 months, 4 teeth, pulling up on everything, and crawling so fast]


[How darling is this fabric for Look Good, Feel Good?  It’s going to make a little boy or girl so so happy]


[My #BEAstrong babies]


[Friday I traveled to Chicago for one of my best friend’s baby shower.  I lived in Chicago for a couple of years after college with 3 of my best friends and it was so incredible.  Being back in the city with them made me miss that time in my life so badly but also made me excited for everything that is ahead of each one of us.]


[How cute is she pregs?!  :):)  Find my dress HERE and earrings HERE.  I also wore THESE shoes with it!]



[One of my bests (the blonde pictured above :)) was so kind and let us stay with her while we were in town.  She is beyond talented at decorating – her place was visually so stunning but had this comfiness about it too – the best combo in any home!  I didn’t want to leave!  The best part (sorry, Tim) was her brand new puppy – Brooks.  I mean, how cute is he?!]


More later this week!



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  1. Bea and Poppy look great. So glad you had a great time in Chicago. While I was working at Morgan Stanley in New Jersey one of the brokers I talked to all the time in Chicago was also named Margaret Steinhauser but she went by Marlo. <3

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