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I realize it has been forever since I posted much about what’s been going on but below is a MAJOR update (and mostly just for me so I feel caught up) ūüôā


[I visited a beautiful garden center for work and picked up this little fishy for Bea!]


[On National Ice Cream Day these besties enjoyed a cone]


[For Bea’s LIVERversary (7/7/2015) we had our favorite cookies made and delivered to a few different spots throughout the hospital as a “thank you” for all they’ve done. ¬†Aren’t they beautiful? ¬†Courtney’s Cookies is the best.

Also – a quick update about Miss Bea. ¬†We got the results back from the XRays of her lungs and everything looked like it cleared up. ¬†I could hardly believe it – especially with how bad things got. ¬†Her labs last week were also amazing. ¬†Almost perfect actually. ¬†Liver looks great (which is such a miracle because she’s on an extremely low dose of her immunosuppressants) and we even did some allergy tests. ¬†Her egg allergy is undetectable from her blood work so we are crossing our fingers that she grew out of it!!!! Wouldn’t that be amazing?! ¬†Next step is scratch test with the allergist. ¬† EBV is still high but we are hoping Bea still continues to manage it okay.

Labs again next week. :)]


[And my happy little 9 month angel in her poppy bubble!]


[A little Friday date night]


[My favorite spot in my kitchen]


[And our newest addition to the Weidner household – Miss Birdie]


[A couple of weekends ago we had SO much to celebrate!  My best friend is getting married to another one of my closest friends and we had so much fun celebrating them at their first wedding shower!]


[And so much to celebrate with another baby joining the bunch!  Find my dress HERE.]


[And another great celebration as another really close friend is welcoming a baby boy!]


[I said a lot of celebrations, right?! Another great friend is getting married May 2018 so we had a couple of engagement parties to cheers the newly engaged couple!]


[And I was so excited to go to the FCC soccer game last week! I’m not a huge sports fan but I can totally get behind a 2 hour soccer game ūüôā ¬†Find my top HERE.]


[A friend of mine just opened the most amazing store called Outfit Active in Hyde Park Square.  You have to check it out!]


[Friday mornings at The Hive….]


[And this past weekend we had another busy Рand FUN Рone!  Cooking demo at Artichoke in OTR, took the girls to the zoo, wine tasting with some great friends and Saturday just a little dinner and bowling :)]


[We also popped into one of my absolute favorite interior design stores called Quince & Quinn!  Picked up a chair and matching ottoman by Bunakara.  LOVE them both!  And actually ordered an additional chair to match!


[Dusted off the ‘ol bowling ball]


[Always make time for Skyline]


[And on Sunday I had the BEST time experiencing a “spa day” at one of my favorite spots in town! ¬†Stay tuned for a blog post later this week ūüôā ]




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