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Happy Monday Eve 🙂

Our last week was filled with a lot of activities and SO much time just as a family of four.  It was the best!  Luckily, all has been pretty low key with Bea’s health (knocking on wood) and we just spent the last week hanging!

[my loves]


[And we had a really exciting week with Look Good, Feel Good!  We received a ton of gowns and are getting ready to deliver to Cincinnati Children’s this week!]



[A lots of love for the USA at one of my favorite spots – Khakis!]


[And some favorite earrings from Anthro.  Find them HERE!]


[On Thursday mornings I try and take Bea to Sleepy Bee for a one on one breakfast.  This week we had a special guest :)]


[And I was so excited to visit the NEW and improved Soho in Hyde Park.  The new store is GORGEOUS and just feels so open and fresh!  Make sure to stop in and check in out!]



[And we did a little craft for our favorite spot – Sleepy Bee in Oakley!  They have a gallery wall with “bee” art from some kiddos and Miss Bea and Poppy get to submit theirs!  We can’t wait to drop it off!]


[And Miss Bea got her new backpack and is ready for school!]


[After speaking in front of City Council on behalf of Cincinnati Children’s last week, they sent me these gorgeous flowers.  Really made my week :)]


[Have you been to Cincinnati Nature Center?  It is such a special spot and truly – a breath of fresh air.  There is so much to do outside with the kiddies and is a great way to spend the day as a family!]






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