bye, zerbes :(

So, our friends moved.  And we are really bummed.  Happy for them, of course, but are really missing them already!

The boys have been friends since high school but I’ve more recently become friends with Amanda. You know when you hear that people enter your life for a reason? Well our friendship has been just that.

We had babies at the same time, struggled into  motherhood together, experienced all of the joys kids bring – all while working and trying to keep a great life balance.

She was right by my side when everything happened with Bea. They both were. They experienced the ups and the downs and were ALWAYS on top of testing and when we got results – asking almost every day.  They truly made us feel like we weren’t alone in our struggles.

And more recently, they’ve been our rocks through everything that happened with my Dad. I can’t even begin to explain what their unwavering love, support, and just their presences has meant to us. And it has gotten us through the most challenging 2 years of our lives.

And the family Skyline dates, walks to Hyde Park Square, giving our husbands a hard time for golfing during the day but SO thrilled we had each other to hang out with when they did, and the constant stream of hilarious group texts.  It’s all been just so, so great and we couldn’t have asked for a better family to be so close with.

The good news is – they are friends for life. No matter the distance.

SO – Before they moved we did a couple little “send offs” 🙂  A pool party with a ton bunch of families and then we surprised them with a limo to take around the city to some memorable spots!

It was the best send off for the best of friends.



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