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What a week.  AH!  It was another busy one (what else is new) but nice to hang with Jordan and the girls 🙂

[We finally started charting Bea’s height on her little poster 🙂  She LOVED it! So hard to believe that she stopped growing when she was so sick.  Dr Campbell said she would catch up and I had a hard time believing it.  NOW – she is 80% for height and we couldn’t be happier! ]


[One of my fave spots for lunch is Rooted.  The food is SO good and doesn’t leave you feeling heavy for the rest of the day.  And I just love their simple floral decor! ]


[Thursday I had a big day with Bea.  We had some stuff to do at the hospital so I took her solo (although I missed Poppy!).  Jordan and I decided when we had Poppy that if we didn’t have to take her to Cincinnati Children’s, we wouldn’t.  Not only can it potentially be dangerous if exposed to something – we just have maintained that we don’t think it’s fair to her to be at the hospital if she doesn’t have to!  UNLESS – when she’s older she wants to get involved and can join us for gown drop offs, etc.

Bea and I grabbed a quick bite at our favorite spot, Sleepy Bee Cafe where she finally got to enjoy a delicious breakfast treat – pancakes.  Sounds crazy, right?!  But breakfast is my favorite meal – and something that reminds me SO much of time with Dad – and it’s really hard to avoid eggs!  We got clearance from the allergist to start introducing eggs into Bea’s diet so pancakes were a HIT.  and no reaction 🙂

If you’ve ever been to the Sleepy Bee in Oakley, you can’t help but notice their mural wall of artwork.  Every canvas is a bee interpretation so we chatted with Sleepy Bee and we made one to be hung up!  Pictures soon!

After our breakfast we headed to Cincinnati Children’s for our standard lab draw.  We have been getting them weekly (unfortunately) and it is a STRUGGLE.  We talk about it the whole day, pump up some MAJOR jams on the way (Trolls is our fave), and she promises me she won’t cry.  As soon as it’s time to sit, she FREAKS and I have to hold her down on my lap so we can successfully get these labs done.  It is probably a 5 minute ordeal but it seems like eternity.  Eternity.  She’s looking at me with desperate eyes, sweating, and so red in the face she looks purple.  It’s that bad.  HOWEVER, as soon as it’s finished, she gets a lollipop, sticker and is out the door after thanking the nurse.

SO – we got the results and everything looks great.  Without getting too into it – her liver looks happy despite the VERY low (undetectable actually) immunosuppressants that she is taking.  Her EBV is down (but still on the higher end) and all of her other numbers look stable.  Because of this, we don’t have to get labs for another MONTH.  Thank goodness.

After that ordeal, we went on a couple fun stops within the hospital.

We stopped by our favorite lab to look at the brand new microscopes – thank you to everyone who donated!



[And then we went and dropped the 50 gowns off to the sewing room where they will be taken to get laundered!  Once laundered, they will be packaged with our Look Good, Feel Good gift wrapping and distributed to very loving and deserving children!]



[Friday mornings in the summer are my favorite.  We wake up, get dressed, and head to Hyde Park Square for coffee and muffins before Poppy’s morning nap.  The best!]


[Who is this little lady?!?!?!?!]


[Friday night celebrating my two favorite people!  So honored to be the MOH in their wedding 🙂 ]



[The struggle is real]



[And a little pool day as a fam with these two girlies – #sisterstrong]





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