weekly wears

Sorry I have been so late to posting this week!  I have had a crazy one (in a good way)!  Below are a few highlights….


[I came from from the bachelorette party to these hand picked pretties]


[And we began construction on our outdoor patio!  We never really used the patio that was there because it was so uneven and not that big.  We are hoping to spend some fall nights out there now!  After pictures to come :)]


[And our poppy and bee canvas is hanging at our favorite spot – Sleepy Bee in Oakley!]


[Starting to look better!]


[And Friday with the girls mean – Skyline time!]


[And little Miss Bea got her haircut before school starts!]


[I am SO excited to say that Bea is officially over her egg allergy!  No Epi pen needed and she can enjoy all things with egg!  We are thrilled!]


[Newest addition – the bounce house!]


[And Sunday morning I took Bea to the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market while Poppy napped.  I always love going and Bea especially LOVES the music :)]




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