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I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend – we certainly did.  A ton of just hanging out and spending QT with my little fam – nothing better!

[My Dad used to make moonshine.  He had a copper still in his “man’s room” and a few times a year he would bring it out in the back and whip up some 100+ proof moonshine.  His latest batch was an Arnold Palmer flavored moonshine and my younger sister actually gave it out in beautiful glass jars at her wedding reception.  When we were putting together a gift basket for Dad’s 60th, we included these cups and I random;y grabbed it for Bea’s smoothie the other morning.  Needless to say, it started my day off right. #PappyHour]


[Last week I was so honored to be asked to speak at the Surgical Safety Stand Down for Cincinnati Children’s.  This is a seminar that brings together all of the surgeons and OR staff to just regroup and talk about safety during surgeries.  It was started by Dr Ryckman who is a man I hold near and dear to my heart – one of the surgeons in our liver transplant.  The best of the best were in that room and I, as always, was and am just so thankful for all they do.]


[A great read……]


[Miss Poppy watching her Dad – about to take her first step any day!]


[Some gorgeous flowers for the holiday!]


[Naked Noodle]


[I was cleaning out my accessories tower and found a TON of great pieces I haven’t worn in forever!  They need new homes!  So I posted some pics on @make_statements instagram  – – check it out!]


[Bear and his bestie!]


[The last pool day of the summer!]




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  1. So glad you had a good Labor day Weekend. My sister Dolores just told me she remembers when your Dad made Wine and sent us funny pictures showing them stomping the grapes etc. Just a side note it is funny your Dad (our cousin Bob) used to make moonshine. Our PopPop George D Kelly never drank a day in his life. Then about a week before he went into the hospital and died he was at our apartment and had his first Whiskey Sour. PopPop Kelly died November 8, 1968 of what is now known as Alzheimer’s.

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