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Happy Monday!  I have been a little MIA from the blog and promise to do some upcoming posts on some Fall gear I’ve purchased recently and other things I am loving!

In the meantime, let me fill you in on what’s going on!  Before I get into everything, I have to say that Poppy is the easiest baby on the planet.  She is happy, she is about to walk – I have zero worries about this child and it’s a WHOLE new feeling for me.  She is THE best and my little buddy.  Can’t believe she’s almost one and my heart is so full of love for this child!


[Jordan and I went on a little date night to one of our fave spots E+O.  With this weather getting a little more chilly I have been LIVING in my White+Warren travel wraps.  If you don’t have one – these are a MUST for the fall and winter.  I legit never leave home without one wrapped around me.  Also, find my earrings HERE.]


[And Miss Bea had a big week….

Bea decided she wanted to be potty trained (TMI for all the non-moms out there).  It was the weirdest thing.  I have been thinking about starting the process but honestly, I have been dreading it.  Quite frankly, having to rush them to the restroom in public seems A LOT more inconvenient than changing a few diapers here and there.  I had bought this little potty awhile ago and have kept it around the house to see if she had any interest.   She had interest last week and hasn’t had one accident since.  When people say “wait until their ready” – seriously just wait.  It would have been a nightmare if I was forcing it but now she’s so proud of herself and even when we are in public and she tells me – it isn’t that big of a pain :)]


[Bea sat through a lab draw like it was NO big thing.   This is a true miracle.  Jordan and I DREAD taking her to get labs done.  DREAD.  When I knew I had to take her this past week I was up the night before thinking about it with my stomach in knots (especially since it was the morning of her first day of school).  It’s all because she plays it SO cool on the way there, talks about how she’s excited to see Porscha (the lady who typically does it), and she tells me she won’t cry.  We go back in the room, she plays around, and then when it’s time to sit on my lap she FREAKS.  And when I say freaks, she screams so hard she turns purple, she’s dripping sweat, we are holding her down so she doesn’t move and she is legit trashing around.  It’s awful and so hard to be a part of.  As soon as it’s finished, she gets a sticker and lollipop and she is fine.  She stops crying as soon as it’s over.  Last time we did this she even apologized for crying.  I felt so bad.

SO – I took her in on Thursday morning and business as usual we go back in the room.  I gave her a lollipop before the lab draw and she jumped up and sat right in the seat – alone.  I asked if she wanted to sit on my lap, she said no and stuck her arm out.  There were 2 techs in the room ready to help assist in holding her down and we all just looked at each other and went with it.  She didn’t flinch.  Didn’t cry,  Didn’t complain. Just sat there as they put the needle in her arm and drew her blood.

I was FLOORED and also crying my eyes out.   My heart was just bursting with pride while at the same time kind of sad that this is something she is used to.  No 2.5 year old should ever have to get labs done much less as often as she has.  BUT – I took this as a giant milestone and a WIN for Miss Bea.]

[Waiting in the lobby]


[Just hopped right up there!]



[Bea started school.  We are sending Bea to the preschool I went to (Hyde Park Methodist) on  Thursday and Friday mornings.  We did those days because those are the days I am home from work so if I have to keep her home because she is sick or something is going around the classroom – it would be easy for me to do that.  Thursday she had parent orientation where Jordan and I met with the teacher while the kids played for an hour and then Friday she went by herself for a “transition day” (which was a half day).

She LOVED it (of course) and is so excited to go back.  Such an emotional thing sending her off – I couldn’t help but just be so blown away by how far she has come.  I use this picture often but how did this orange baby who almost didn’t survive turn into this flourishing toddler ready to take on SCHOOL!?  ]




[This is the pic I took on her first day without us there with her 🙂  I couldn’t decide what her first day was so I took pics for both :):)]




[The rest of our week was filled with putting together #SewingSquad packages….]


[Making these DELISH cookies…]


[And snuggling with these babes all weekend :)]






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