weekly wears

Hi 🙂

What a crazy week (as always).  Lots of travel and great time with friends!  Check out a quick little update!

[Bea creating forts with her GG]


[Tub time with Miss Poppy]



[I traveled this last week to Chicago for work and the view in the AM was just beautiful.]




[I flew up to Chicago and back Thursday and then left Friday morning at 6am for Austin, TX.  We celebrated one of my close friends from high school’s bachelorette!  Only appropriate place to wear a gun top….]



[A store that I LOVE and follow on Instagram, Katie Kime, is based out of Austin.  Had to stop there before getting the party started.  LOVE the dresses I have bought from here and hope to use one of the wallpapers for a future laundry room or powder room!]



[I got home Saturday night and was so thrilled up wake up with my babes Sunday morning.  We conquered the grocery while eating a little breakfast….]


[And this girl turned 11 months last week and is full on walking.  Like can’t stop walking everywhere and it’s SO WEIRD because she looks so little!  Just a growing, healthy, and happy girl!!]




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