need a lash boost?

You guys!  I am obsessed with a beauty product and need to share.

I’ve always had REALLY short eyelashes. They were short and there was also a SHORTage – not many lashes on either eyelid.

I was so sick of it and kept seeing a ton of stuff about Rodan & Fields lash boost from friends and family.  Honestly, I was a little skeptical.  How could a product really work that well?  My older sister uses it and after a few weeks said she definitely noticed a difference so I took a gamble.

And it’s amazing.

My lashes are definitely longer and fuller.  I’ve had a few people even mention to me (unsolicited) that my eyelashes look long.  AH. The tube I bought has lasted me over a month so there is a ton of product.

I know a lot of you know R&F reps but I work with one of my OLDEST friends, Kelly (Hinckley) Brennan.  She is NO pressure and is super quick and easy to work with.  You can do everything via email so, again, it’s quick.

I HIGHLY recommend ordering it and giving it a go.  Easiest thing to add to my nightly routine and even easier once I started seeing results!


***I wish I would have taken a before and after picture (I recommend doing that!) but the below is a pic I took this morning.  Yes, I got 9 hours of sleep and somehow STILL look tired but my lashes still look pretty good :)***






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