weekly wears


[Love these bee pants from jcrew!  Find them HERE]


[Another visit to Chicago for work.  The morning flight is my favorite]




[I want this tile in my house someday…so gorgeous in person….]


[I landed back in Cincinnati on Friday night and went straight to an event with Jordan before sneaking out for a quick bite at our favorite spot – Sotto]


[Love these fall flowers!]


[Friends of ours had a GREAT idea for a day time party – a yoga party!  They had this amazing instructor come to their house and while the moms and kids hung in the backyard, the boys had a yoga class in the front.  And then we switched!  It was a perfect Fall morning and a great way to hang as a family with friends!]


[And this babe is a full adult out of nowhere!]


[And this one loves giving her younger sister a bottle before naps]



[At Hyde Park Country Club they do a kids campout every year where kids and their parents put up a tent on the golf course.  They have a magician, delicious dinner, s’mores, and a movie on a projector before the kids settle in their tents.  Bea and Jordan had a great time hanging with the dads and kids but she hit the hay at home this year!  Hopefully next year she will be ready for an overnight!]


[Sunday morning breakfast]


[We absolutely LOVE the Hyde Park Square Art Show and the weather this weekend was perfect for it!  We walked on up with the girls and enjoyed the morning in the square!]


[This is Pinky.  Pinky is a little stuffed monster called a “worry eater”.  Kids are supposed to write down their worries, stick them in the monster’s mouth, and while they are sleeping the worries disappear.  Although Bea is a little young for it now, we are hoping it’ll help with any anxiety associated with blood draws, hospital stays, etc.  There are so many applications for this little guy – I probably should have bought one for myself 😉

A little update on Bea’s health.  All was good until we tested her EBV a few weeks ago and it was over 1,000,000.  I know.  The highest it was before when it was potentially messing with her lungs was 350,000 so we are worried sick over it.  The next step before chemo is starting this anti fungal medication to see if that helps bring it down (because she’s already on the lowest amount of immunosuppressants possible).  She has been on that medication for a week and Friday we got the results that it was helping.  Hoping the number continues to decrease.  Labs again next week.

In the meantime, I’ll be stuffing Pinky with about a thousand worries and hoping someone takes them away (I’m looking at you, Dad).

Find a worry monster like Pinky HERE . ]



[Besties after naps!]


[The start of a delish soup]




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