weekly wears


What a fun week!  I have been traveling a little for work but this past week I was here all week and it was great!  Our really great friends that moved to Pittsburgh were in town, I had 1 baby shower and 2 wedding showers (all for really special friends), and we took the girls to the pumpkin patch!

So much QT with my people!  Check out some highlights!


[Really jazzed about adding this pink fur bomber to my wardrobe 🙂  Find a similar one HERE]


[Grab one of your free copies around Cincinnati!]


[And thanks to our new friends at Groovy Gumball, Miss Bea had a beautiful (and delish) necklace to take to her doc appointment.  It was a great distraction!]


[Thursday night was SO fun – we went to see my absolutely FAVORITE show – Wicked.  We went with our very close friends, too, which made it even better!]


[And Friday with my girls….]


[Couldn’t help but wear this summer-y dress one last time!]


[And this donut is really creepy but the girls LOVED it!]


[I was so excited to shower this bride to be this weekend!]


[We took the girls to Blooms & Berries last year and this year was even better!  Highly recommend!]

IMG_6043IMG_6162IMG_6163IMG_6169IMG_6213IMG_6225IMG_6226 copyIMG_6227IMG_6228IMG_6229IMG_6230IMG_6231IMG_6042



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