happy birthday, poppy girl

I can hardly believe I have a 1 year old baby.  Like HOW did that happen?!  Time flew with this baby #2 and as we celebrate her 1st birthday I have a couple of things I want Poppy know when she is old enough to look back on this blog.


When we found out we were expecting you we were very excited but also extremely nervous.  We already had a ton on our plate but we were looking forward to adding in some “normalcy” and were even more thrilled to have the experience of caring for a child without medical issues – the way all parents should experience parenthood.

While you were in my belly, you experienced a ton of exciting events and milestones and even attended Bugs and Zonkie’s wedding.  All was great (looking back, I never knew how great things were), and then devastation hit when we got the news about Dad.

One of the first phone calls your Dad made even before coming to work to tell me, was to your doctor so he could do everything in his power to keep you safe. And he did.

You were a bright spot in a time that darkness was all I saw.  When I felt isolated, you were with me and reminded me through your kicks that I truly wasn’t alone.  You are the only one in this world who experienced every up and down throughout those first few months.  I don’t think I could have gotten through it without you.  And that’s the truth.

The anticipation of your gender had me excited but your health made me nervous.  I had a normal pregnancy with Bea too and so I was ready to have you tested for anything liver related right when you were born.

My nerves wouldn’t ease until I saw you and held you.  When your Dad said “It’s another girl!” I burst into tears because the girl squad I had always hoped for had come true.  I knew Bea would be the best big sister and I was so excited about all of the tea parties in our future.

This last year has been more than a blessing.  I can’t even describe what you mean to me and you have given me so much over the last year.  You have given me hope.  You have given me strength.  You’ve given me purpose.  You’ve been a breath of fresh air. And you’ve been easy on me.  Crawling early, sleeping through the night at 9 months, and walking at 10 months.  You’ve definitely been a handful but you have brought normalcy to our lives and into our home.  You have stabilized our family and the love you & Bea have for each other makes me tear up even writing this.

You are perfect and we are so thankful for you.

Happy 1st birthday Miss Penelope Kelly Weidner.  We love you.








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