weekly wears

Happy Monday Eve 🙂  Here is a highlight of our week!


[Once a quarter my sisters, mom, and I get together at one of our houses for “movie & masks” night!  Everyone has to wear the robes we bought at The Greenbrier!  This time my younger sister hosted and we did a Halloween theme.]



[One more year of the paper calendar!]


[I spent a day in Chicago for work and the morning flight it just my favorite]


[Bea at her first field trip with her GG!]


[And this babe had her 12 month check up – healthy as a horse and off the charts for height and weight!]


[Celebrating our BFF’s birthday!]


[And we were so thankful to have our little cousin Miss Harper in town for a visit!  Had to get a pic of the matching sweaters!  These are THE BEST – esp because they zip up the back which makes them super easy to put on!  Find them HERE!]


[And our little Halloween costumes!  The Solar Eclipse!]

[See the video below if you need a good laugh!]

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