a few questions…


I have had a few questions on things that I want to be sure I get answered!

#1 – What curling iron do I use and how do I use it. More to come on this next week with a hair curling tutorial!

#2 – Where do I get the girl’s clothing monogrammed?

SO!  I love to have the girls in matching outfits and I ESPECIALLY love when they are monogrammed!  I buy from all over but when it coms to getting my stuff monogrammed – I also pop into Jules & Bing in Mariemont.  She has great colors to choose from, she’s fast, AND you get a text alert when your item is ready to be picked up!

One of the very best parts about the shop is that she has a TON of merchandise in her store that you can get monogrammed.  Her shop makes it so easy to knock out a few cute girls for people and even shop for your own 🙂

Check her out – OH!  And her name is Jules!


#3 – I also got a ton of questions asking where this cute candy store is!  WELL!  Groovy Gumball is in the same exact area as as Jules & Bing!  It is a small little candy shop that is PACKED with a ton of neat and fun options.  I’m telling you – this is a kid’s dream!  They even have toothbrushes 😉  Check it out!





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