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We are finishing up a LONG day at the hospital before heading home to spend the night with Poppy while Jordan stays here with Bea.

So, as many of you read earlier this week, Bea was put under for her liver biopsy and they also tacked on a bronchoscopy.  Jordan took Bea to see Pulmonary (lungs) again last week and because of her chronic congestion and cough, they wanted another bronch done.  She had one several months ago and it showed a lot of mucus in her lungs but none of the results came back with any definitive answers as to why.  It cleared up a little, and the the coughing came back again.

The overall liver procedure went well.  They were able to successfully take out a sample of the liver and they sent it for tests.  Those results will trickle in over the next few weeks and I will definitely keep you all posted on those.  Hoping that we will at least get a general idea as to what the liver looks like tomorrow morning.

The bronch went fine.  They found, again, a ton of mucus in her lungs and it’s really a big mystery as to why.  Like they did last time, they sent the mucus for tests that will hopefully materialize with answers over the next few weeks.  As weird as it sounds, we are really hoping they find something so we have answers and can figure out how to battle this constant congestion and cough.  They are testing for a WIDE range of possible causes so we are obviously praying for something that can be fixed.

She also has been breaking out in hives all day – we are hoping that these flare ups are from her getting all of the medication out of her system.

Overall, today was a lot of tests without a lot of answers and being here at the hospital has brought back a WIDE range of emotions.  We saw 3 of our favorite nurses that cared for Bea right before and after she was transplanted – they actually work in different departments but heard we were coming so visited us in her room.  Seeing their genuine excitement and pride when looking at how much Bea has grown filled my heart to the absolute brim.  When one nurse asked about Dad because she remembered him hanging and chatting with her a lot – literally made me cry.  The smell in the halls, the frequent run for juice and water, the feeling of uncertainty, worry, angst, etc – it seems like a legitimate lifetime ago that we were experiencing all of that the first time.  It almost doesn’t seem like my life – our life.

But, it is.

And just being here with her for a full day puts every single thing into perspective.  What is most important and who is most important.  And going into the holidays, I can’t imagine a better reminder.


And thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers, and thoughtful gestures.  We are so beyond blessed to be surrounded by an incredibly warm and loving community.




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  1. Keeping you all in my thoughts and Prayers. I Pray the doctors find the answers they need. to help Baby Bea become 100% Healthy. I totally get the frustration of knowing there is a problem and not getting any answers. <3

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