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What a weekend!  Fully to the brim with celebrations!  We had a lot of little holiday parties and birthdays that made the weekend so fun! Check out the below pics for a highlight of the weekend and, yes, an early birthday celebration for Miss Beazy!

[The holidays are SO fun this year – probably more fun than they have been in a long time.  Bea and Poppy are so little but at a great age to actually enjoy Christmas.  Bea is SO into Santa, her Elf on the Shelf (she named her Suri), Christmas lights and inflatables, etc.  She legitimately LIGHTS UP when we drive around at night looking at all of the decorated houses.

This excitement and just pure joy has really helped me with the holidays this year.  Last Christmas, which was just a few months after everything happened with Dad, we all escaped to Florida and kind of just glossed over the holiday.  I was kind of dreading this Christmas (for obvious reasons) but Bea’s joy and excitement has really helped bring the holiday spirit back into our home.  One of the many reasons these babes  have been such a blessing to me.]

[St Nick popped over to our house and left some treats! Bea was OBSESSED with monsters at Halloween time so I bought her a stuffed Yeti from target and she absolutely ADORES her “snow monster”.  Poppy’s favorite?  the candy canes!]


[A few days after St Nick I got the chance to open a VERY thoughtful gift sent over from Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa.  A gift card for a manicure and extra surprises to get me all ready for the holidays!  Love them!]


[There is a house right by us that goes ABOVE and beyond on the inflatables for Halloween and Christmas.  Bea is obsessed and begs to get out of the car to get her pictures with them when we drive by. ]


[And Saturday we had a little early birthday party for Miss Bea.  When I was thinking about doing a holiday party/birthday party for Bea I was searching the city for cute, girly ideas.  I kept landing on The Bonbonerie as it is one of my favorite places.  They were opening a brand new tea room so I jumped on the opportunity to book Bea’s party with them!

Along with a few of her (and my) friends, we had a tea party lunch and Santa even made a little visit!]

FullSizeRender copy


[I couldn’t handle how OLD she looked in her dress from Castle House, her knee high socks and black shoes.  Made me so sad that 3 can look so old!]


[Find my sweater on MAJOR sale HERE!]


[Since it was a tea party theme and there are a TON of breakables, I bought little plastic tea ups with straws for the kids and to keep them occupied at their seats, little coloring packets!]




[Santa and his BFF]


[Santa came and had a little personalized stuffed elf for each kid in attendance.  Bea is normally terrified of Santa but watching all of her friends go sit on his lap first made it much MUCH better!]



[And we really kept the Christmas train running!  Everyone woke up in Christmas PJs Sunday morning and we eventually made it to Hyde Park Country Club’s Santa brunch.]


[How cute are their little bombers?  I got a bunch of questions yesterday via my Instagram story asking where they were from.  They are C&C California and I got them from TJ Maxx – I even got the adult version 🙂   Santa dresses were from Castle House]


I hope you all had a great weekend celebrating the holidays with your family!  Let the fun continue!



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