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If you follow me on Instagram (@hillarykweidner) then you may or may not know I started a hair experiment.

*****If you don’t care (and I wouldn’t blame you) – don’t feel bad about skipping this post :)*****

I’ve religiously washed my hair every single day.  If I didn’t, I felt like my hair looked gross and couldn’t find a product that would help me go just 1 day without a wash.

After talking to a lot of friends I realized that washing my hair every day could actually be damaging it – it’s better for your hair if you wash it less:  less breakage, less drying it out, etc.


When Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa sent me a package in the mail that included Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo – I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to make the transition from washing my hair every single day to going 2-3 days without washing it.

Last week was my first week going 3 days and it was great.  When I have to be in the office and get the girls out the door by 7:30am, I have limited time to wash, blow dry, etc.  Instead, I just hop in the shower with my shower cap on (it’s a great look, trust me) and put a little Bumble & Bumble in.  It has cut my “getting ready” time down dramatically!

So, last week I got a TON of responses on what your thoughts were about dry shampoo and which ones you recommend!  THANK YOU for all of the responses – I was honestly so shocked but the number of messages I got and was so happy that I wasn’t alone in my love for dry shampoo!

Here is what I learned…

Some of you put your dry shampoo in at night before going to bed and you wake up with fresh hair!  If you try this, make sure you brush it all of the way through.

Most people go 4 days without washing their hair.  I was shocked by this!

If you feel like your roots aren’t looking great and dry shampoo isn’t doing it, get in the shower and just put a tiny bit of shampoo at your hair line, massage and rinse.  You’ll only have a small section to blow dry and will eliminate the daunting task of full blow dry.

There were a ton of different recommendations for dry shampoos but here were the most popular!

DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo.  These first 2 had the most votes and people swear by them!  Find it HERE.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo.  Again, out of the people who responded, they LOVE this one and are also obsessed with the smell!  I may try to incorporate this one into my rotation and see how I like it.  Find it HERE.

Batiste Dry Shampoo.  SO many people loved this one and also loved that you can typically find it at Target.  It comes in a brunette color so you don’t worry about that chalky look!  If you don’t have time to hunt around, find it HERE.

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo.  This one is the most expensive but if you haven’t used Oribe products, the smell is just amazing.  Find it HERE.



Anything else you want me to review or dig into hair or make up related?  Just email me at hillary@make-statements.com and I will be all over it!  I know I have promised to talk about my wand and how I curl my hair – that will hopefully be the next beauty review!  Any other ideas in the meantime, let me know!



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