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SO many things to cover from Christmas week.  Although Bea’s birthday isn’t until December 28th, we had her 3 year old check up with her pediatrician this week.  She was overjoyed at how well Bea is doing!  She only had positives to say about how she’s doing developmentally and she’s 97% for weight and 91% for height.  Hard to believe there was a long period of time where she didn’t grow.  She has definitely made up for it!

After the great appointment, we went on to see Dr Campbell.  Bea had labs the night before and we reviewed them with Dr C and she was beyond thrilled.  EBV was the lowest it’s ever been and physically she looks great.  No labs for 2 MONTHS – longest we have ever gone.  All of these results were the best Christmas gift we could have received!

Now, onto Christmas…..

Is everyone else as depressed as I am that Christmas is over?!  This was our first Christmas where we had a babe that really was “into” it.  For the whole month of December, Bea was so into Santa and Suri (her elf on the shelf).  She just loved looking at all of the Christmas lights, she was really into decorating our Christmas tree, and loved talking about how she saw “baby Jesus” at Krohn Conservatory.  It was just the cutest.

Although having a child who is experiencing the excitement of Christmas for the first time is literally one of the happiest things, I was still feeling like a major part of the happiness was missing.


If you read my blog post a month or so ago about the “wave” that hits when you least expect it, I had that same feeling over the weekend.  Last year, we basically skipped Christmas all together and went to Florida with my sisters, brother in laws, my mom, and our little babes.  It felt good to get out of the typical “routines” we were used to and just do something totally different.  Doing something different didn’t make it feel so obvious that something or someone major was missing.

We’ve had over a year to deal with all of the ups and downs of missing Dad and honestly, I have been dealing with it a little better recently.  That’s why I was shocked at myself when I couldn’t keep it together on Christmas Eve.  It all began with this little tradition that we started where our girls would open a special gift from Pappy on Christmas Eve.  Our plan is that this tradition will continue so that we take time to think and acknowledge Dad on Christmas and it is separate of the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning.  I could honestly go on and on about all of this but basically, it was a really hard night for me but the babes had a great time being together with their cousins 🙂


Now, Christmas Day was a different story.  We’ve never woken up at our house with 2 kids so excited for the holiday which, again, made everything feel so different….and in a good way.  Bea was beyond excited to come down in the morning and absolutely LOVED opening the gifts that Santa brought.  Poppy repeats “baby” over and over so it wasn’t a shocker that Santa left a baby of her own and a new stroller under the tree.  She was the happiest person in the world.



[The girl’s sweater were a gift from Santa.  Find the cute lady who made them HERE!]



[We all took a nap at 1pm on Christmas Day and this is what I woke up to.  Frightening yet hilarious.]




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