what i’m packing


I am so beyond excited for our trip to Exuma!  We booked this trip several months ago when a couple of our best friends decided to move from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh.

We needed something majorly fun to look forward to so – enter Exuma!

Amanda & I will both be celebrating our February birthdays on this trip so I started outfit prepping weeks ago.

Here is what I have added to my suitcase 🙂


Lola pommed dress find HERE



Statement earrings find HERE



Splendid tank find HERE


Santorini dress find HERE



I randomly went to Mara Hoffman’s website when she was having a flash sale and bought 2 bright and colorful dresses  – I can’t link to them because I can’t find them anymore!  LOVE them both!



I also purchased this suit and am hoping I love it once it comes.  My only hesitation with it is that you’ll be able to see my scar in the middle of my stomach but I’m trying not to be so self conscious about it!

Find it HERE and it also comes in black which you can find HERE.  





And I sent a little package to get my bestie excited for the trip!  It included THIS clutch …


THIS facial mist….


And my favorite lip hydrator – THIS lip gloss!



Happy shopping!




pajama sets

A part of getting older is learning more about yourself, right?  Well, as I approach 32, I have learned and accepted something about the way I sleep.

I love to sleep in pajama sets.

I used to try and just do the t-shirt, or shorts and tee, or plain tank but I have found the comfort of going to bed in something that matches and is comfortable gets me excited to climb into bed.

I have put together quite a nice selection of PJ sets from a few different brands and wanted to share 🙂

LAKE Pajamas.  This was my newest purchase and I absolutely love them.  They come in a complete shorts set, a long pant/long sleeve set, and a long pant/short sleeve set.  Basically, something that would work for anyone.  Their color combos are so cute and the contrast trim makes a little statement in the sleepwear category.  Their robes are also heavenly.

*Side note.  If you are a friend of mine, you are reading this, and having a bachelorette party in 2018 – DO NOT BUY.   You may or may not be receiving a set 🙂 (I’m looking at you, Lin Lew and Katoo).


Roberta Roller Rabbit.  I did a post a couple of weeks ago about where I shop for the girls and RRR is at the top of my list for really cute and colorful PJs.  Bea ALWAYS asks to wear her “monkeys” to bed and it’s just the sweetest.  My sister got both Poppy & Bea matching monkey PJs for Christmas and, naturally, I was feeling left out so I purchased the blue monkey pajamas in the adult size.  Find them HERE.

I also have the RRR in the pink heart print and I have the blue heart robe.  Find the pink heart jammies HERE.


Beaufort Bonnet Company.  Another place I love to look for my babes clothing also has matching adult jammies.  When Poppy was first born I bought the girls matching PJs from BBC and when I found out they also came in adult, I had to get them.


Need other ideas for great jammies?  Click HERE, HERE, and HERE for some great and reasonably priced options!


Happy snoozing!





weekly wears


I hope you all had a great weekend!  Last week was crazy for us and this weather is totally throwing me for a loop!  I think its getting up to 55 degrees today – so weird.

Anywho – here is a highlight from out week!

[We have lived in our house for a little over 4 years and looking at it RIGHT after a snowfall never gets old to me.  I love this house so much.]


[We had Monday off so I took myself to Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa in Kenwood for a little facial and it was SO beyond relaxing!]


[Then I met my sister and friend for lunch at The Rooted Juicery.  I haven’t ordered one thing I didn’t like from their menu but I LOVE the pesto and riocotta wrap but in a BOWL instead.  So delish.]


[One thing I really look forward to all week is my trip to Trader Joes.  You can find me there right around 8am on Sunday mornings and as of late, I have done my WHOLE grocery shop for the week there.  And somehow I am spending $50 less than normal.  I plan on doing a blog post soon about my top 10 favorites from TJ’s because there are just so many hidden delicious things so stay tuned!]


[These two in their poppy PJs….find them HERE]


[I also went to Pottery Barn this week to buy new stemware and I ended up decided on THESE wine glasses.  I love them.

When I was in PB I also spotted these amazing leather stools.  Find them HERE!]


[And how cute are these pink and gold globes?! Find them HERE]


[I picked up this little from school and took her to one of her fave spots – Zip’s Cafe in Mt Lookout.]


[I also popped into Nordstrom to try on a few dresses.  LOVING this DFV long sleeve dress.  Find it HERE.]


[And we opened a little bottle of wine in honor of Miss Poppy :)]


[And these two nuggets looking WAY too old!]


[The face she always gives me when she’s up to no good…]


[Our fave spot for Saturday morning breakfast!]


[And find my below top for under $20 HERE!]