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I have so many things I want to post about (New Year resolutions, healthy recipes I made yesterday, our NYE, taking the pacifier away from Bea, Bea’s birthday, Poppy’s first words, etc) but today, I am just focusing on the outfits I wore over the weekend.

I got a TON of instagram messages (which I loved!) about what I was wearing and how to find it so here you go!

When we got the news that one of my very good friends from high school was getting married on new years eve I was so excited!  I LOVE NYE in any form or fashion – low key eating in or big plans – but I was excited to be celebrating such an incredible couple with close friends this year!

I started scouting for dresses months ago.  I ordered more dresses than I care to share and I wasn’t in love with any of them.  I finally settled on one that I wasn’t crazy about when I got the idea to try Rent the Runway.

I hadn’t used RTR in about 3-4 years and was very skeptical because I remembering having a less than great experience.  Nevertheless, I ordered a jumpsuit and dress thinking one of them may have potential.

I got them both in and was obsessed.  They both fit perfectly and were so comfortable!

Here is what I wore to the rehearsal dinner….rent this jumpsuit HERE!  I am about 5 foot 8 inches and ordered the LONG version of this and it fit perfectly with my high heels.

****Don’t judge the messiness of my bedroom please!  We were stripping the beds and replacing the bench in front of my bed!  The whole room looks like a total mess!****


And for the wedding I rented this form fitting dress HERE!  Again, really comfortable!


It was such a special night celebrating a great couple.  Courtney looked gorgeous and just so so happy 🙂 And I met Jordan 13 years ago on NYE so it was an extra extra special night for us!]







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  1. Thanks for sharing! Simply loved your jumpsuit. And the dress, a real home run! Just gorgeous, but, then, anything on you would be‼️‼️🎉❌⭕️

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