stuffed sweet potatoes


I know I don’t normally post recipes here but I made something over the weekend that I am in total love with!  And obviously have to share!

With a trip to the Bahamas on the horizon, I am doing my very best to make January a very clean and healthy month.  With a bathing suit on my mind, I made a few things this past Sunday that have few ingredients, a lot of spices, and a ton of flavor.

These stuffed sweet potatoes were delish and I really recommend you make them – especially if you like spicy food.  My plan was to make these on Sunday night, wrap them up, and then reheat in the oven for a quick dinner after coming home from work.  They looked so good we ate them that night.

Find the recipe HERE.

The only thing I changed was that instead of 3 chipotle peppers, I used 1 jalapeno pepper.

I also mixed some of the mash sweet potatoes with the chicken and spinach so the potatoes was more like a twice baked with a stuffing of sweet potatoe mash, chicken, spinach, and sauce.

This is also NOT my picture – I forgot to take one 🙂





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