lip miracle worker

In these cold and extra dry winter months I am constantly looking for products that will help me moisturize.

This time of year, I always find that my  lips suffer the most.  I’ve tried a million different chapsticks, lip glosses, scrubs and masks (yes, they make lip masks).  Nothing has really done the trick in keeping my  lips hydrated except for this new brand I found called Lanolips.

Their 101 ointment is great for me.  It is clear, glossy, and hydrating.  I put it on by itself or will layer below a colored lip gloss lip stick to keep everything smooth.  This 101 ointment can even be used during your bedtime routine – put it on your lips, moisturize your cuticles and help it fight your crow’s feet.

Find it HERE.


My bestie, Meggie, from Hyde Park Moms also posted about Lanolips yesterday (we share the same brain) and she really loved their lemonade lip treatment because it WORKS (and smells and tastes delicious).

Find that one HERE.






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